Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's art but is it good?

So Christmas is over, you still have a few coins jingling in your jeans and you're wondering where can I unload this cash before I wake up and realize I really need the cash to pay some bills, buy food, get hammered, whatever.

Then you wake up and throttle your kids for not doing this first. Even the dimmest bulb could become an internet millionaire sensation.

Just saying.



Scale Worm said...

I want to scream.
The eternal question; "What is Art?".
This, Sir, I feel is not. I want my two minutes of life back... :-)

Toad said...

Who can blame you.

I'm not really a cat person, I wonder if there is a market for dog drawers?

Shari said...

Speaking of coins, thought you might enjoy reading this.. http://parishotelboutique.blogspot.com/2010/12/still-washing-coins-at-st-francis-hotel.html

Toad said...

A great story and pretty cool site. Thank you, Shari

Divine Theatre said...

Not a cat person? NOT a cat person? How can you NOT be a cat person? I'm a dog person and a cat person...they really can coexist. But...how can you not like cats?

Toad said...

Cats are too much like me. We have had cats fairly regularly, and I've come to appreciate their aloofness and how well they know their place in the pecking order of things. A good mouser is useful in the fall.

Mrs. T and I tend to be allergic to them, that's all.

Steve said...

Hey hey, a little less mindless chatter, and a little more cat-drawing-purchasing, please.