Sunday, December 26, 2010

Now in Injia's sunny clime

Whether you are celebrating Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, Sunday or my late father's birthday today, the day after is always somewhat of a let down.

You didn't get what you really wanted for Christmas. Not due to any naughtiness on your part. Now is the time to give yourself what you really wanted.

Go to India.

Author,raconteusse (I may have just invented that word) and friend of the Toad's Dominique Browning is looking for adventursome souls to join her in February, as she visit the sub-continent.

Margaret at Elevated Destinations will handle all the details for you.

You are even welcome to go if you got everything you ever dreamed of for the holidays, and just wish to escape the Northern Hemisphere winter for a while.

I got what I wanted on my Christmas list, yet sadly shall not be attending. Should you go, I do have a small shopping list. Nothing bulky, expensive, illegal or large I assure you, so please get in touch.

Whatever your tastes, enjoy your Boxing Day, Kwanzaa or Sabbath or Sunday.


all photos from the Victoria and Albert Museum.


OldSchool said...

You didn't invent the word, just the spelling!

Toad said...

I stand corrected by the master.

Suburban Princess said...

Happy Boxing Day!
I would love to go on that trip - if I was single I would be doing some financial planning instead of typing this! Alas, my adventure travel days are far behind me....for a while.

preppyplayer said...

Thank you. Same to you and a healthy and happy New year!