Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Cards

When dealing with the simple minded, like me, it is best to keep things clear and concise. My children know this and deal accordingly. If it's complicated they tell Mrs. T. Yesterday, my book ends conspired to see if I would notice.

We received holiday cards from each. They are coming to town for the holidays, the youngest for Christmas, his sister for Kwanzaa. Catch their message?

We head to Kansas this afternoon to visit Paige and her family. Our first holiday visitors arrive Thursday. Laissez_Les_Bon_Temps_Roulez_.

Should you find yourself "over the river and through the woodsing" might I recommend a fun family car activity, so long as you can get the kids off their Gameboys? If you're clever the kids will never catch onto the educational aspects either.

Pick up a copy of

The final Jeopardy quizzes will keep you busy for miles.



Southern H and H said...

Thank you for your kind comment. I very much enjoy your blog and point of view. Hope you're enjoying the season.

udaya210 said...

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