Sunday, December 26, 2010

Remember this one?

Not having sisters I haven't a clue what the why was, but....

I also had no idea Cheryl Tiegs had been modeling so long.



Karena said...

Toad Oh yes, I remember these, you made my day!

Happiest of Holidays & All the Best in the New Year!

Art by Karena

Anonymous said...

"Not having sisters I haven't a clue what the why was, but...."

We ladies who curled usually secured each little roll of hair by sliding a bobby pin in place on top of the curler, or on top of the pincurl. In theory, the tape was supposed to rid your curled hair from the unwanted ridges that were always left behind by bobby pins. In reality, the tape wouldn't stay in place, it flip flopped around so the hair would fall off the curler, but Cheryl got paid anyway.

Ok, Toad, word association quiz: I say Cheryl Tiegs and what's the first word and image that comes to mind.

Toad said...

Seventeen magazine

Anonymous said...

"Seventeen magazine"

Spelled like this, right? f-i-s-h-n-e-t

Toad said...

god I'm old

Anonymous said...

"god I'm old"

No way a "50 something" is old. When you get as old as I am is when it starts to get scary. Next year the government is going to send me some official mail on my birthday, that's old.

T said...

That second ad is completely horrifying. Did you sign your name I Toad intentionally, like "I, Cladius?" It made me laugh, regardless.