Thursday, May 14, 2009

Patch Mad

For it or agin it? Either way blame the guy below, on the right. He is credited with inventing patch madras. His name is Sidney Winston, and he was tailor to the man on the left. Mr. Winston is also credited with several other preppy wardrobe staples. Embroidered corduroy pants and

the god awful 4 panel pants.

That sound you hear is that of our British friends leaving about now.

I was well into my dotage before encountering patch mad in the wild. The spring before Katrina, I attended my bonus son's Tulane University graduation. Outside, in the smokers section was a Ted Turner looking guy. Good looking in a way, appeared to know his way around a beer bottle and probably a G&T or two. Looked liked the sort you see hanging around the bar at the country club.

He was wearing a well used pair of khakis, polo shirt and a patch mad blazer. I thought he was the best looking guy I had ever seen. Having never seen a patch jacket before, I had to have one for myself. NOW.

It wasn't to be. Took me a season to find the name of what I was looking for. Longer to locate one.

Mine is the one above. Its an off the peg Jos Banks. Took a lot of fixing to get the Banks out of it, but I get lots of compliments every time I wear it. Naturally, I wear it a lot.

Deep down I suspect PM is really for the young, trim, and tanned. Looks especially fetching on young trim, tanned girls. Actually, all girls look better than all boys in PM.

Unfortunately,as labor cost for a cheap cotton jacket are the same as that for a fine wool, it doesn't pay to have one made, so blazers are catch as catch can.

If you are crafty the following sell the cloth.

Just Madras


I take a size...



Martha said...

I remember madras -- but don't remember seeing it around a lot lately. I do like your jacket, however.

longwing said...

My last visit to Tulane was also the spring before Katrina. The SUB was noncom and I remember eating some red beans and rice in the tempo-bubble next to a table full of the cutest Kappas I'd seen since the last time I saw a table full of Kappas.

And I haven't pulled the Patch Mad trigger yet. Had some shorts in my hand at J Crew last week but dropped them for some way on sale jeans. I would consider a soft constructed patch mad jacket, but I've yet to find anything soft constructed constructed for anyone like me.

Mrs. Blandings said...

I have a skirt and shorts. And I love them. You know what I have a hankering for? The BB striped cotton shirts where each piece is a different color. Men's. I had one in college. Can't shake it.

ADG said...

Didn't I see you in that jacket at....Raffles?

preppyplayer said...

Ok, if you can't find madras? Head yourself to a girl's lacrosse tournament.
Madras is my summer staple.
As for the jacket on a guy- just the best!
Not every man has the guts, but EVERY man looks great in one as it says a lot-
fun loving, confident, classic, kick back.
And that's what I love about New Orleans- it could be a 90 degree day with humidity as thick as pea soup and you will still see Dapper Dans in jackets for special occasions...

Summer is a Verb said...

i bought yards and yards of PM one year and had a floor to ceiling shower curtain made. Très striking if I do say so myself. And, hey...I like the 4 paneled pant!

Renovation Therapy said...

love madras!

the 4 panel pants scare me.

Toad said...

Mrs. Blandings shirt scares me.

Giuseppe said...

I love me some outrageous patch madras pants. Here in Boston, however, it may still be months before I get to wear them.

The four panel pants may be a bit of a freak show, but I fell myslef becoming absessed with finding them...

Toad said...

G: stop it will pass

Dickie said...

Allie - I have a similar shower curtain myself with silver grommets - its like the beach all year long.

Toad: Patch Mad makes the year go round - tartans in the winter, cotton plaids in the winter. Not sure I could pull off the blazer, but am impressed.


Jake said...

Patch madras is just so unique, as a fabric, in that it's like nothing else. With all its colors and mix of plaids, it just stands out. I get my madras fabric online from, and get my own jackets sewn, and they come out lovely.