Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Monday's Project

Of the two people who make living at The Park possible, the most important is Chuck.

Long ago I came to an understanding about myself. I knew at the core of my being I could do a house project just well enough to say it was done, but poor enough that I would curse my handiwork every time I looked at it.

In my heart of hearts I knew I could work just a little bit harder and hire the craftsman who would do the job right, and in the end cost only a little bit more than if I did it, then hired someone to undo my mess and do it right. That's how we met Chuck.

Chuck is our Doer. For the past ten years, whenever we needed something done right, we have called Chuck. He generally shows up within a day or two of our calling, stays until the job is complete, and presents a bill that doesn't buckle our knees. Over the years he has become family, only like one of the successful family members everyone fawns over.

Today it was another crown molding project. The last room on our first floor without molding is this little powder room. Never heard of molding in a powder room? Most of our home has very wavy cement walls and ceilings which make the joins very uneven. Crown molding dresses it up quite well.

As Mrs. T says, he is our Chuck, you can't have him.



longwing said...

Looks nice. That Chuck's a big fellow.

Martha said...

Living with an unhandy husband, I, too, have my "Chuck" -- and I must say my projects get done a lot quicker than my friends whose husband's do their chores. That's a benefit that Mrs. T appreciates I am sure -- even if she hasn't told you so.

Mom on the Run said...

I have a friend who can do anything--seriously. She's full of nervous energy and we always used to say that in the 15 minutes before she had to pick up her kids from school, instead of thumbing through a magazine like the rest of us would, she'd throw up a piece of sheetrock.

I was lucky to have a Jill.

Renovation Therapy said...

Your Chuck is my Matt. I'd be lost without my Matt.

ms. mindless said...

i hope that i can find a chuck. my fiance tries to do home improvement projects all the time but he can barely assemble ikea furniture (although, in his defense, at times the directions seem to have been written by chinese special ed students). hopefully we'll find a chuck soon!

Karena said...

Oh, I am really in need of a Chuck. Would like him also in the form of a new man friend!

Legallyblondemel said...

We too have a "Chuck". He is a far more important marital investment than our 401(k)s, etc.

Love that powder room color & molding, by the way.

Timothy said...

You are very lucky that you found such a great handyman, that can do a lot of projects around your home...especially when it comes to crown molding.

The rooms look great, let chuck know he does good work.