Friday, December 26, 2008

Did ya Ever....

Did you ever want to pull up the draw bridges, throw 'gators in the moat, turn off the telly, and tell the world to go to hell for a while? Want to be Emperor or Empress of your own little part of the world?

Ladies and Gents have I got a deal for you. Vladi Private Islands for sale. Private Islands, Islands for Sale, Islands for Rent, Privatinseln.

Scenic and not so scenic locales made available by desperate hedge fund managers from around the globe. Happy shopping. The US choices are about half way down.

Should you find a property here, Mrs. T and I get to visit for a bit. You are on your honor.



ms. mindless said...

wow. i know what's on my christmas list for next year!

Giuseppe said...

A private island is a great idea, as long as it has a men's haberdasher an Italian grocery store.