Monday, March 17, 2014

You are an introvert when..

Wearin' o' the green and wishing a Happy Mr. Patrick's Day

My name is Toad, I am in introvert. Sophia Dembling, writing in the Huffington Post suggests that "Spotting the introvert can be harder than finding Waldo". She should know, Sophia is the author of "The Introvert's Way: Living a Quiet Life in a Noisy World".  She then offered a questionnaire to help you determine if you too are an introvert.  See how well you do, with the following, the answer is unlikely to surprise:

1. You find small talk incredibly cumbersome.
2. You go to parties -– but not to meet people.
3. You often feel alone in a crowd.
4. Networking makes you feel like a phony.
5. You've been called "too intense."
6. You're easily distracted.
7. Downtime doesn’t feel unproductive to you.
8. Giving a talk in front of 500 people is less stressful than having to mingle with those      people afterwards.
9. When you get on the subway, you sit at the end of the bench -– not in the middle.
10. You start to shut down after you’ve been active for too long.
11. You're in a relationship with an extrovert.
12. You'd rather be an expert at one thing than try to do everything.
13. You actively avoid any shows that might involve audience participation.
14. You screen all your calls -- even from friends.
15. You notice details that others don't.
16. You have a constantly running inner monologue.
17. You have low blood pressure.
18. You’ve been called an “old soul” -– since your 20s.
19. You don't feel "high" from your surroundings
20. You look at the big picture.
21. You’ve been told to “come out of your shell.”
22. You’re a writer.
23. You alternate between phases of work and solitude, and periods of social activity.

I scored a 20.

As if I needed further proof  I've found myself reading the for sale- free stuff listings on Craigslist for fun.

The trick to reading the ads is to mentally create a backstory.

The cable company is going all digital so the rash of old televisions is a no brainer,but 28 years of National Geographic magazines?  Cleaning our grandma's house.  The 5 trash bags full of mulched leaves was the treasure of the day.

Erin go bragh!


Anonymous said...

Toad, a close friend joked that I worked hard to become the COO of our company just so I could have a door to shut. She was too close to the truth. The book is on my list, just finished a book on introverts by Susan Cain called Quiet that you may enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Douglas, my grocery cart and I stood in the store's magazine/book aisle with "Quiet" opened out for way too long a spell last week, big smile on my face that my kind is finally gaining Value in this society. And, Professor, "The Introvert's Way" will just be more confimation of my Worth, thank you. How I arrived on earth from two extrovert parents, sandwiched between two extrovert brothers, might not be a mystery, but it's certainly been troublesome at times. And Happy Pat Day to you as well!


Anonymous said...


Toad said...

The library has Quiet in stock. Oh happy day

Anonymous said...

Well now, look who's on TED.

Mrs. Blandings said...

What if you've been told you're an "old soul" since you were eight? It doesn't seem I could possibly be an introvert. Until I read this list.

Anonymous said...

The plot thickens when you look at things from the Jungian perspective, which means Intraversion/Extraversion fall on an individualized sliding scale. So Mrs. B could be SomewhatSo while I'm ExtremelySo.

The I/E scale is joined by 3 other [the Jungian perspective] key pairs of opposing components to the personality. And you know where on the scale you fall in each of the four groups by taking the Myers Briggs Type Indicator test. The combinations of traits are what hold the deeper clues to one's perspective on experiencing the world.

I've had the test + the extensive results explained, and stuck my toe in the shallow end of Jungian perspective waters, it's fascinating. Since then, so much of the experience can be had online.