Friday, March 28, 2014

rebirth of a brand

A story in the New Orleans Times Picayune caught my eye.  The Haspel family, creators of the American seersucker suit had re-purchased the rights to their company, and now back in family hands they were recreating their storied past with a new line of American made suits.  I had to see this for myself. For the past decade Haspel has made crappy clothes with shoddy material.

Being a hopeful fellow in need of a seersucker suit yet unwilling to pay BB's tariff, I've booked passage to Perlis in NOLA. I figure if there is any hope in their resurrection it must come this year.  Uncle Harry invited Mrs. T and I down for the weekend. It would be ungracious not to accept, besides I'm hungry.  See you Monday.


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Anonymous said...

Just in via FB: "Perlis is celebrating 75 years of selling fine clothing in Louisiana. In honor of our history of offering dressy outfits, right now you can buy a suit and receive 25% off another. Same for sport coats and ladies dresses. Now through April 12th"

Shop 'til you drop, Mr. and Mrs. T.