Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mirror Image

Mrs. T and  I took in the French Middle School of Topeka, Kansas thespian's spring production " Mirror Image, a Real Enchanted Musical" starring granddaughter Liz (shown front and center) last week.  I give it higher marks than the star did. The unfortunate rookie teacher shanghaied into directing the program repeatedly failed to live up to Liz's expectations or follow Liz's suggestions.  Teach's calls to mom came fast and furious.

Heaven knows why middle school teachers show up every day knowing they'll face tweens for the next 8 hours.  Verily, it's not for the money or lovely working conditions.  The second big news in the Topeka paper this week covers the state legislature's efforts to circumvent their constitutionally mandated state school funding payment.


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LLP said...

Given the odds that the curriculum and pedagogy of Topeka would be something unrecognized in the Developed world, it might be -- horrible as it is to say -- better that Topeka not fund their so called education with taxpayer money.