Saturday, March 15, 2014

I'm in!

Do you have a kid who's answer to most requests is "That sounds cool, count me in." Mrs. T has one and in my experience the cool kids are mom's favorite,  the one dad's fear, simply because the kid represents the haunting other life middle age men become wistful for.

My bonus son is a product of the internet age.  He can live and work anywhere with a high speed internet connection, and a local airport, ours lives in Denver and works for a west coast organization, which requests he stop in once a month.  Since his time is his own, he never sits still.

Should someone ask, however far fetched, he responds, "sounds cool, count me in."  In March he has been to a New York wedding, Mardi Gras, the west coast to visit his employer, and today he leaves for Africa.

Over the holidays a friend said, "we should climb Mt. Kilimanjaro someday"    "Why not in March" was his reply.  Why not.

His mother is of course being motherly, and being mom's favorite he shut her up by saying "If Oprah can do it so can I."  4 days up, 2 days down, with a "safari" to follow, no internet, no cell service.

If you hear anything bad, don't tell me.  His brother has already preplanned his Facebook posts starting with "have you seen my brother?"



Lou Archer said...

I have two up-and-coming explorers but then again, in my younger years I was rather fearless. I'm rather envious of your son's lifestyle. School fees has dampened my wander-lust temporarily.

ELS said...

Swelling maternal pride at the adventurers I try to raise is always shrivelled when it becomes clear that I'm not invited along, that my Elastoplast-carrying, warm-clothing wielding, home-baked snack-pushing presence is not merely unwelcome but a downright uncool embarrassment...

Anonymous said...

Someone's got to hold down the homefront, that'll be me. But don't come by, and don't call me.

As for bonus son, shall be anxiously awaiting your report that all went well, wishing him/them safe travels.