Tuesday, March 25, 2014

carlo pellegrini

Oil on canvas- Carlo Pellegrini by Jules Bastien Lepage
Maxminimus photo

One of the greatest newspaper marketing ideas ever was Thomas Gibson Bowles' innovation of including a lithographic print of a prominent newsmaker in each weekly copy of Vanity Fair. They have since become known as SPY prints, for that was the non de art used by the prolific artist Leslie Ward when signing his art.

The first artist used by Bowles, and my favorite was Carlo Pelegrini who usually signed his work APE.  Today would be his birthday.

Ape- Carlo Pellegrini by AJM (Arthur Marks) in Vanity Fair 1889

This is my favorite Pellegrini print, of George Osborne made especially for the then Prince of Wales in 1865. It's one I'll save from the fire.



Suburban Princess said...

Many happy returns of the day *hugs*

Toad said...

And many good wishes to you on your special day

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you two tween-the-lines schemers, you.



Toad said...

Thank you for remembering

Anonymous said...

🎉🎂Happy Birthday to Toad of Toad Hall.
And SP.

ADG said...

I REALLY oughta start reading blogs again. Happy Birthday buddy.