Friday, December 7, 2012

Odds and Ends

Pearl Harbor Day

American's are great for remembering slogans;  Remember the Alamo, the Maine, the World Trade Center, yet we often, too soon after,  forget the why of what we are supposed to be remembering.  By now many have forgotten that today is Pearl Harbor Day, "a day that will live in infamy".  The 2 hour raid on the US Navy's Pacific fleet headquarters caused the deaths of 2335 servicemen with another 1143 wounded.

Denny's is the real deal! 

The southern US has a somewhat deserved reputation for culinary decadence. Locals believe that if the food isn't brown, hasn't been fried or served in large quantity it isn't worth eating.  Many of our ubiquitous franchised fast food chains hail from the land of huge/fried, including Denny's, which calls Spartanburg, S.C. home.

Denny's occasionally gets a bad rap for customer service but are working hard to embrace diversity.  To assist their effort to connect with everyone, everywhere they have opened a new flagship store in Las Vegas.   " The diner chain’s newest location will feature a photo booth in which vacationers and locals can pose with trademark Denny’s products. Those photos can be shared instantly on Facebook and Twitter."  Nothing says vacation like a Denny photo.

“We wanted to create a unique experience,” a spokesman said. “We have a lot of interactive features and a lot of things that make this location even more fun.

"For example, the diner has a full cocktail bar. The bar serves, among other items, a bacon-flavored martini.

"In addition, the location has some other only-in-Vegas features, including a wedding chapel. “It’s quite a unique experience... couples can get a cake made out of Denny’s pancake puppies to make their ceremony extra special.

"The new store also has Elvis-themed menu items like King Stack — pancakes with bananas, bacon and peanut butter — and the King Milkshake, featuring the same three ingredients."

If I'm lying I'm dying.

Holiday Shopping

While kicking the tires at the mall I came across "The Gold King" which is billed as "the world's fastest corkscrew".  Perhaps it's a sign of the times, but is knocking off a second or two opening a  bottle of wine really of benefit?

And Finally

From Vanity Fair, and I can't tell it any better than they did.



Merry Wife said...

Wow, and I thought the drive-through wedding chapel was a depressing concept.

Anonymous said...

You're making me think of my daddy with that photo of Pearl Harbor. He told of how he'd been playing golf that day, made the turn after the 9th, went in for crackers at the snack shack before going off the back nine, heard the news coming over the radio. The outrage! He went straight home, put house/home/wife/child in order so he could enlist for officer's training asap. This story is engraved on my brain from having heard him tell it every December 7 of his life.

Thanks for the memory, sir.