Saturday, December 8, 2012

Bomb Sight Project

London, England

As a follow up to Pearl Harbor Day, today we travel to London, specifically to the blitz-7 October 1940 until 6 June 1941, to understand the work of the Bomb Sight Project.  The Bomb Sight Project has created an interactive map and Android app showing the location of every known German bomb to hit in London during the 8 month siege.

red marks show bomb hits in London during Blitz

The interactivity allows searches by street, by borough, by type of bomb. During the the 8 months of the blitz thousands of citizens were killed and over 1,000,000 homes destroyed.  Living in the Tube became a nightly occurrence.

Imperial War Museum photo

Seeing the effects of the bombing seventy years on is still incredibly moving. 


Take a moment to remember John Lennon who died on this date.  


Nick M said...

It is a great and overdue website.

Don't forget this is "just" the blitz: not the whole of the second World War bombing of London, nor does it include the V1 and V2 rockets of the final stages.

V1s caused fatal casualties right on the very wharf where my flat is, and conventional bombing flattened most of the surrounding docks. An astonishing thought.

Toad said...

What I really like is the street view. If you were here, the bombs fell there.