Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas miracle 2012 edition

I prefer to celebrate Christmas on Santa's good boy list, while knowing who and where the bad girls on the list are. This year, I began the day on the good list and ended on the bad.  How do you tell Santa you're sorry?  

As a rule of thumb I dislike taxidermy that hasn't been dispatched by the family displaying  it. However, if you've gone to all the trouble and want  a trophy go for it.  In my case, I can't and there's my story.    

After too much Christmas eve cheer, Mrs. T and I arose at 4:30 AM Christmas morning to get my daughter to the airport in time for her 6 AM flight home. The drive was sad, but otherwise uneventful, until when almost home, we met up with Santa returning to the North Pole.  He was as surprised to see us as we him,  until I put a fender upside the backside of one of Santa's famous hitch. 

Mayberry's roadsides are littered with the detritus of mangled cars who've died while battling our giant deer population. Likewise there is steady work for the dead animal removal guy.  We were fortunate that only the car was damaged (barely), Dasher (fatally) and us, not at all.  We drove home with a few new dents and a cracked headlight.  

After a brief nap I wanted to return to the scene and field dress the beast to be able to mount the head but Mrs. T intervened.  She warned the sight of me field dressing one of Santa's team while families passed on their way to church would be shocking, and that having Santa finding Dasher, mounted above the stockings hung with care annually, would jeopardize the whole family's haul.    

I trust your holiday was safer.


Happy Birthday Dad


Suburban Princess said...

Oh my! I am glad to hear you got through that unscathed. I am sure someone claimed the antlers before you woke up from your nap.

Anonymous said...

Toad, which of the cars were involved in this accident? The Bentley, the convertible or the station wagon?

Toad said...

The wagon. I have become a lifelong BMW man

David said...

I'm glad you and Mrs. T are alright. Hope your Christmas before that point was a good time.

I'm not a BMW man only because I need my SUV for my hobby business, but I found this online and boy did I have to think about it for a moment.

Old Polo said...

Oh deer! Glad the Bimmer wasn't trashed. Hope the rest of your year is uneventful.

Anonymous said...

"Happy Birthday Dad"

Happy Birthday Dad of Toad. You birthed a fine son you did, he's a positive force on the internet which is no small feat. Bless you both.


Toad said...

David the Beemer is awesome. I wish I had a something to trade in.

Flo, my father like too many WW@ vets died long before their allotted 3 score and 10. I still think of him every day though. thank you for your kind words.

Kathy said...

Many moons ago, when I was a teenager, a neighbor struck a deer not far from our home in northern Virginia. He had to purchase the deer from the proper authorities, and invited us kids to watch his field dressing in his backyard. We were thrilled at the chance to witness the carnage, until the actual event. I learned a new respect for what's involved in the undertaking, if you'll excuse the expression.