Saturday, December 22, 2012

Let us give thanks

Now is my favorite part of the holidays. I love the pre-christmas gathering of the clan, filling up our drafty old house with love, laughter, warmth and the good smells of cooking and baking. A full house makes repeated trips over the river and through the woods to the airport and grocery feel more like adventures than chores. If only it would snow.

This year we've a gained new holiday tradition. #2 son's better half is a Somerset girl. The greatest mince pies I've ever experienced have come from Somerset kitchens. The champion of years past was a dear friend who farms near Taunton. Too bad for him, his pies while forever welcome, are now a distant second place finisher (he took the news stoically) to those from Finn, our new found buddy of the year and his lovely mother (and sisters).

Should you find yourself near Mayberry, of course you are always welcome, but most especially you are invited Monday evening for our annual holiday feast. If you cannot make it this year, we shall remember you in our toast to absent friends. Hopefully, if not this, then next year.

Merry Christmas Eve Eve to each and all, you being here each day is my favorite holiday gift.



Divine Theatre said...

Merry Christmas, Toad!


LPC said...

Merry Christmas to you, Toad. Have a wonderful time in Mulberry.


Pigtown*Design said...

i made mince tarts for thanksgiving, for a christmas party last week and will make them for a family party this week.

Sbuckley said...

I wish you the Merriest Christmas and all the best in 2013!

Thank you for your words!


Old Polo said...

A Christmas Toast to you, Toad, and all of your family. We also wish you the best new year ever!