Friday, July 27, 2012

Why reinvent the wheel?

Photo from Ralph Lipschitz

I believe I'll toss most of summer wardrobe away and wear what Mr. Lauren wears. The Jacks make it Perfect.



Anonymous said...

Toad, totally understand what you mean about the Jacks; they are pretty cool. But, Mr Ralph is becoming like Alan he gets older, he's looking sloppier. ADG once remarked that Flusser "stepped off the give a shit bus a long time ago", meaning he is a living legend in his field and he just wants to wear what's comfortable whether or not it conforms to fashion rules. Back to Mr sloppier I don't mean old; by sloppier I mean he doesn't look as crisp or well put together. Just my perspective. No grains of salt.

Toad said...

I probably agree.

Man or woman most likely we all have the components for this get up in our closets. I know I do.

I've worn it too many times to count, but never with the Jacks. About the only shoe that works is a penny loafer or buck, and the relaxed feel just isn't there.

After a certain point (money or age?) you can get away with a certain insouciance. Next time out I'm sporting the jacks, just to see if I can.

ADG said...

I've been trying to get back ON the give a shit bus...having regretted my transient bout of not giving...

But EVERY freakin' time the bus approaches and sees me, the driver speeds up.

ADG...pulling out the Jacks for tonight.

Toad said...

The Jacks were the hit of the party this evening, as I copied Ralph's outfit sans the tie. Thanks Ralph