Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pre Canada Day

I am suspicious of holidays that fall on a particular date unless... It makes me feel that the importance of the holiday is minimized if its celebration can be pushed off just because.

Canada Day is one of those holidays. Canada Day celebrates Canada's birthday, the anniversary of the 1867 union of the British Canadian colonies into one nation under the British Commonwealth, and is held each year on July 1, unless... Unless July 1 is a Sunday (today) then it moves to Monday.

I've written repeatedly about American ignorance of things Canadian. Perhaps the best thing Canadians have going for them is that 99 out of 100 Americans haven't a clue what goes in your country. Most of us couldn't find it on a map. American indifference to things Canadian is our greatest token of respect. We tend to meddle badly in things we care about.

Happy birthday neighbors. I appreciate your contributions to peace, justice, tolerance and the American way of life. Toss in a few singers and comedians and you're suddenly the best neighbors a country could ask for.

Oh Canada....



Anonymous said...

Is it really necessary to honor our ally by trying to quantify it with a slap at America? The old saw that Americans can't find this country or that country on a map, is just that old. And tired. And worn out. And just a little irritating. Canada is fine country and a terrific ally, I wish them well on this Canada Day. I do this without a slap at my own country.

Pink Benny said...

Happy Birthday, my gracious northern neighbors.

Anonymous said...

Love it!


Anonymous said...

"Is it really necessary to honor our ally by trying to quantify it with a slap at America?"

For you, anon 9:26AM:


Anonymous said...

Anon@5:59 PM;

Interesting theory you've got there: To make an ally (one of our oldest) feel better one would need to lower the standing of his own country. Got it.

Anonymous said...

"Interesting theory you've got there"

Mine? My theory? That was YOUR theory, reiterated now twice. That's the thing about blog comments, they stand as interpretable texts. Your position is clear. As is mine.

You didn't even open my gift to you, did you. You should. Well, maybe not. If you opened it, you'd have to re-examine the chip on your shoulder. Your decision.


Anonymous said...

@July 1, 2012 7:02 PM:

I opened your 'gift' of a lady with a very nice voice singing the National Anthems of Canada and the US at a Hockey game.

Non-Sequitor. My comments of Toad's original post stands. Toad's 'tribute' to Canada was made in the context that some Americans wish them well even if their fellow countrymen can't find Canada on a map. There is no chip merely an observation. And the question remains: Was it necessary?

BTW, Happy Independence Day!