Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hot fun in the summertime

The sage of New England, Yankee-Whisky-Papa author of Boxing the Compass stopped in Mayberry for a brief visit, on his way home after counselling those in need of his particular brand of expertness. I invited him to dinner.

It was 107F (42C) at 7PM when I picked him up, YWP had driven 150 miles from his 7 hour professional dance and comes in perfectly pressed suit, tie snug around his neck, with hardly a care in the world. I, who had been working outside much of the day, undecided between wearing something cool and comfortable, or dressing like an adult, split the difference and arrived looking like an unmade bed, in guaranteed to wrinkle, quickly, linen. I'd hate him for such elan, but he's wonderful company, and I had a great night. Should you have the opportunity invite him over. He's likely to show.

I've spent my time during this week's heat wave repairing our fountain. Outside our door is a waterfall of sorts with what could be a small wading pool at the base. When we moved here the pond was full of water, and made the most wonderfully soothing sounds as water cascaded from one level to the next. We assumed it always worked that way. Wrong. The base no more holds water than your kitchen sieve. Every year since, I've sworn that this will be the year it comes back to life. This WILL be the year.

Concrete work is completed, border stones are mortared, tomorrow is DRI-LOCK waterproof painting day. First coat white, the second tinted blue.

Now if it leaks, it will be covered over with dirt and debris Saturday, never to be spoken of again.

Once upon a time the previous owners had the house re-shingled. For reasons known only to the gods, the roofing pro's removed the old flashing (the piece which joins a lower level roof to the side of the house) replacing the join with roofing tar. It doesn't work for long and that seam has leaked ever since.

Being miserably hot, I felt it may be time to retroactively install the flashing. The young man shown above melted his noggin on our south facing garage roof, working most of the afternoon. He worked hard, did an excellent job, cleaned up and FOLLOWED UP.

He'd be a great catch for some lucky girl.



Anonymous said...

You and YWP, two of my count-them-on-one-hand favorite gentlemen bloggers. Smart, sharp, brevity-is-the-soul-of-wit gorgeous writers. I'd say YWP was as handsome as you, Sir, but we've not seen his face yet I don't think. Two elegant gentlemen enjoying dinner and a walk, I bet heads turned, I know mine would.


Toad said...

The anonymous YWP is young, tall, trim, devilishly handsome and incredibly well turned out. It was an honor to bask in his glow.

Silas Nobile said...

Leaving complicated roofing jobs like this to the professionals is the right decision. Fixing the roof without enough knowledge could only bring bigger problems, and worse, you might end up hurting yourself climbing up there. Now, you are confident that your roof is in perfect condition.

Silas Nobile @ Russell Roofing