Sunday, July 15, 2012


In 1962 beautiful, seventeen year old, Heloísa Eneida Menezes Paes Pinto was seen lounging on the beach by composer Antonio Carlos Jobim. Literature and music are each rife with stories of young girls inspiring older men. Carlos, under the influence of this young woman composed a song, which when later recorded by Portugese/English translator Astrud Gilberto with her husband and Stan Getz won the Grammy Award for Song of the Year 1965.

Last week was Helo, the Girl from Ipanema's, 67th birthday. She still inspires.

Cruelly, she never earned a dime from the recording, and Jobim and company unsuccessfully turned the dogs on her when she attempted to open a clothing store near the beach in Rio under the name "Girl from Ipanema". Today, she is a model, businesswoman, occasional television personality, and has twice appeared (most recently with her daughter) as a Brazilian Playboy Playmate (the more curious can find the photos with no help from me).

My leering at similar inspiration would most likely lead to domestic abuse charges.



Linda McMullan said...

So THAT'S the Girl from Ipanema! Every time I heard that song, I (like probably everyone else) tried to imagine how she looked. Amazingly, she's even prettier at 67...

Old Polo said...

I do admire your style and I understand your situation, so now I HAVE to do the research. Aw well, some things are better left to the imagination. I never knew what she looked like for over 40 years and I don't think that I need to know anymore. Thanks for the post Toad.

LPC said...

I never knew she was actually a GIRL, vs. a young woman. Ick.

Karena said...

My goodness Toad at 67 still a gorgeous woman!

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