Monday, July 30, 2012

Hints Heloise would never share

One may copy Ralph's look, but never his style. My get up for date night Friday. My footsies were comfy though but when temps are over 100F (42C) I'll give the tie a miss on a casual night.

Are you plagued by pets? I sometimes feel that I am, especially when they take advantage of our good nature or when we go out. I'm often not paying attention when we return so it may be a surprise to find that one or the other (most likely the 15 yo deaf and half blind guy) has slunk off to water an area rug in a infrequently visited room.

Any number of carpet cleaners promise to remove stains and odors, and most work well on fresh deposits but cleaning up dry messes is a chore. I've found a solution, that may work for you. I've only done this once, on a colorfast rug, and
do not recommend it on natural dyes, unless you have a thing for bleeding madras.

Take the rug outside and prop it over something so it's not directly laying on the ground. Then turn the hose on it. Soak it good. Do it again, then again. In an hour or so do it once more, this time hosing off the ground underneath. You'll understand why once you're there. For sport, in another hour you may want to soak off the rug again, just for good measure, and leave it in the sun to dry. In a day or so it will be dry, fresh and clean smelling.

The photo above was taken Sunday afternoon. Saturday night Mrs. T suggested I bring it in, I countered with "give it one more night". We awoke to rain Sunday morning. Another lesson learned.

The waterfall fountain works, and makes the most soothing sounds. The neighborhood frogs have found it and appear most happy playing in the cement pond. Hopefully they will come to prefer it over the pool and its chemicals.



Anonymous said...

Ralph WISHES he had your style. Such a dude, trying to imagine the stir you must surely cause at your dining venue, upon arrival and departure. Does Mrs. T complement your attire on date night as Ricky complements Ralph's? And thank you for the fountain update, I had wondered but wasn't going to inquire.


Patsy said...

Toad, your date night outfit is spot on! I love it.

Toad said...

My adored bride is not always so amused at my choices. She's been known to mutter, rather loudly about how what I'm wearing requires her wardrobe choice to change. Sometimes they do, most often they don't.

Reexamining the photo I see that I do need to become better acquainted with our iron.

Thank you Patsy.