Friday, April 6, 2012


How many books have been written about Winston Churchill? Enough that Barry Singer opened Chartwell Booksellers in Manhattan, the only book shop in the world devoted to Mr. Churchill. Singer is also a gifted writer who discovered a new way to approach his well covered subject and has done it brilliantly.

Churchill Style tells the story behind the man, by focusing on the personal details that made such a unique life. Each chapter, which covers approximately a decade, retells the well known story of his life then adds Churchill's personal touches, his sense of fashion, where he shopped and what for, his choice of automobiles, cigars, homes, and entertainment. It also explains how a man who was often close to the edge financially lived so large.

It's a great read. ADG will provide the details.



Martha said...

I am getting this for my husband who is a Churchill devotee (as am I) -- when we lived in England last year, husband had to smoke a cigar everywhere that Churchill did!!!! And of course, we visited Blenheim, again -- Churchill is Blenheim's most famous son!

BTW, I assume you know Churchill's Kansas City connection which I find fascinating and that there is a statue of him on the Plaza.

Toad said...

Martha I do know and wrote about it here once upon a time:

You may also wish to consider "Dinner with Churchill" by Cita Stelzer which covers not only his dining habits but how he used dinner to further diplomacy.

I've ordered a copy, but haven't received it yet.