Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day

It's rare when not watching the Super Bowl means that you actually missed something important. But I did and I did. I missed this ad.

At incalculable personal cost, with full knowledge, as the father of a daughter, just how offensive this advertisement may at first appear, I'm letting my inner Leap Day out in public. Just this once.

The ad is for a Fiat 500 Abarth automobile, the souped up version. It's actually more a powered skateboard, but why nitpick, on this of all days. For a ms. I seriously considered buying one. It will set you back about as much as a Cadillac Suburban Assault Vehicle.

Forgive me.



Anonymous said...

it is a are fogiven. stick to the bentley, my friend :)

Old Polo said...

Thanks Toad, cause I didn't watch the superbowl and missed the ad. Abarths have always had a very small place in my heart. The 750 Fiat "double Bubble" especially, but also a Porsche that they did in the early '60's. But anon has a point, love the Bentleys.

Another great post my friend.

Anonymous said...

You clever boy, you. Saving this luscious little video for "ladies privilege day," legitimizing that brazen woman's immoral behavior in that poor boy's [every boy's!]dreamscape.