Wednesday, February 26, 2014


 I "NEEDED" to find a copy of  Godfrey Hodgson's  The Gentleman From New York : Daniel Patrick Moynihan.  My usual sources turned up dry so I resorted to buying a copy, in hardback, on line. 

The price is whatever the seller declares. That the book is worth that price is incalculable to a buyer until he reads it, by then it is too late.  If the price line crosses the willingness to pay line books change hands.   My copy of Mr. Hodgson's book cost 14 cents plus $3.85 shipping.   Sight unseen, I feel I've gotten my money's worth, but I'll always wonder why they bothered.



Anonymous said...

Toad,'s early and I'm not the book a good read?

Toad said...

I've no idea yet. I got my 14 Cents worth telling the story.

GSL said...

Ive bought nearly all my books the last few years the same way at amazon in used hardback. Sometimes it's libraries trying to free up shelf space.