Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Odds and Ends

I understand why television weathermen get death threats.  If winter doesn't end soon you are likely to read about me doing something unforgivable in your morning papers.  This has been a too long winter, it's beginning to snow (4-7 in. anticipated with more later this week) temps are approaching near zero Fahrenheit and I'm sick of it.  End of rant, thank you for your indulgence. I feel much better.

I am desperately trying to moderate my time spent in front of a computer screen but such interesting stuff is on line. I'm failing miserably, I cannot play outside so I forgive myself.  Today, I'll share some of my favorite recent finds.

I. Cartography: 

I love maps, they explain almost everything, except why.  The University of Chicago Press in cooperation with the University of Wisconsin has published "The History of Cartography".  If your curious enough to be interested, but not enough to travel to your local library you'll find it is available for download here.    I'm finding it a fascinating read.

II.  Armchair Travelers?

I have no explanation other than I was captivated by the photography of Steve McMurray's blog Where the World Meets.  Those who have been here awhile know I have no wanderlust, but I am encouraged knowing that the world is a much wider place than what is in my teeny imagination.  At the top of each page is a link to other photo sets, each more interesting that what came before.

III. Our/Stories 

The University of Texas-Austin has a treasure trove of old photos in the Not Even Past collection Our Stories/Our Histories.  The title derives from a Faulkner quote "The past is never dead. It's not even past".  Who would ever think that strangers wedding photos from long ago could be so moving, or family photos taken at the beach?

What drew me to the site was a link to an Irish Easter Rising digital archive A Rebellion Remembered.  

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by.



Anonymous said...

What a beautiful sweater [and impish smile] you're wearing today!

But back on topic re maps. My husband has a dear serious-adventurer-friend who recently got on his sailboat BY HIMSELF, departed his St. Augustine FL dock in a personal quest of setting a world record for sailing around the world green [which means without turning on his engines]. His boat broke down, so he only got as far as Capetown, but thanks to the miracle of the internet, we could track his progress. Tracking his progress meant being taken straight to the maps for all these countries in his path. Click click click and the closer you get to the ground, and hours later I'd get up from my chair stupefied at my newfound education. Maps!

Back to the man on the boat: http://stanleyparis.com/

The tracking link: http://stanleyparis.com/


Toad said...

This little bit of the internet never fails to stupify or humble me. I am in awe. Thank you dear.

Have you seen Chasing Shackleton on PBS?

Anonymous said...

Love your picture. :) - KT