Monday, February 10, 2014

Squirrel Dogs

Having dogs is not much different than having adolescents around the manse.  They eat, sleep and won't listen.  Fortunately dogs, not having opposable thumbs, never ask for money or car keys.

In our neighborhood are half a dozen Lion Dogs, all, save ours, prissy, well groomed grandma dogs while our wild beasts masquerade as sweet dogs.  Neighbors now cross the street when they see us coming.  It doesn't help that we keep odd hours.  Letting dogs out at 2am is not endearing.

Our monsters are hunter gatherers.  They chase everything, especially squirrels.  When you are a Shih Tzu chasing squirrels is about the best fun you can have. Lion Dogs tilt their heads almost 90 degrees, so looking up trees while squirrels taunt them is a great game.    Comparatively, chasing deer is work.

After years of trying, Charley finally captured a squirrel yesterday.  She was like a cat with a mouse, so proud of herself, head high, tail up, until I made her release it.  Every time she has been out since she runs to where she let the squirrel go hoping it has returned to play. It hasn't and Charley hasn't talked to me since.



Lou Archer said...

Wow, impressive.

Our cats announce Spring by bringing in half murdered baby bunnies. The noise is awful and though I don't want the bunnies to live in the grounds, I still attempt to rescue the captives. Double standards really.

Old Polo said...

Love the dogs Toad. Hope you are staying warm.