Friday, February 21, 2014

Nerve Center

This little gadget is the nerve center for our family, it's Mrs. T's cell phone, the one that replaced her bag phone when it was taken away by the digital cell phone police. You may recall I washed it one day without harming it. It's on its original billing plan too.

Over time the percentage time spent talking has dwindled while messaging has increased.  To my mind a ten second phone call is more efficient than the mandatory 15 texts necessary to clarify anything, but since I do not have a cell phone I don't getta vote.

Monday the messaging capability went away, leaving a member of our household in a panic.  Naturally, one assumes the worst, and fully expecting she'd have to pop for a new phone, we visited the cell phone company store Thursday afternoon.  It took the clerk a moment to remember how to deal with her phone, but once he figured things out, he asked "are you getting a low memory error?"

Why yes, we are.

"Let me show you how to delete old messages...."  -This to a woman with 16,000 new emails.

Within minutes we were out the door, problem solved, old phone better than new, good for another 10 years, all on the original plan.  Thank you Sprintman.


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Jg. for FatScribe said...

oh, gosh, we are so on the same page. whilst i do have two other cells, a Samsung Galaxy S4 and an iPhone 4S for work, my fave personal is my flip phone that i've owned for like 7 years on Verizon. thing's a beast.