Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Liz Day

 In an effort to restore the dignity of the Kansas brand, the neanderthals funding the knuckle draggers sitting in the Kansas legislature, have called a truce in their anti-cultural wars in order to declare today, LIZ DAY, in honor of my granddaughter, Kansas's newest 14 year old.  Schools throughout the state have been cancelled and parades ordered. She still has play practice though.

 Liz chose today's photo, taken at Equality House, home to Planting Peace, which is located directly across from the professional hate group Westboro Baptist Church.  There is a lot of spunk in this one.

I received a phone call recently.  "Grandpa, may a friend and I stay at your house for 2 nights in July?  We want to come to Mayberry for a concert."

If you would immediately say yes, you're either a grandmother or naive. I am neither.

"Is your friend a girl?" I queried.

GRANDPA! How many boys want to see Fall out Boy and Paramore?

"The smart ones dear."

Their beds are made, the tickets booked, mayest hear the merry din.

Happy Birthday Darling Liz.


Anonymous said...

Never saw it coming, I bought it completely! A grandmother AND naive. Another lesson taught and learned here at Toad Dayschool.


LPC said...

My gosh you are a cute grandpa.

Anonymous said...

Completely forgot to say Happy Birthday to former-Paige-now-Liz! Have a wonderful day, dear one...


LLP said...

An apt depiction of the anti-cultural elites.