Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Two Icons

He hated being called the King. His gospel roots rebelled at the notion, all he wanted was to be known as the entertainer. No one listened.  Born in 1935, recorded his first song That's All Right in 1954, played his first New York concert in 1972.  In a career that spanned 23 years he recorded over 600 songs, not a one did he write.

Played the Grand Ole Opry once, in 1954, was told to go home and resume his truck driving career. Despite many later invites Elvis never returned.  Unbelievably, he played only 5 concerts outside the US, ever.

Singer Barry White claims him as his inspiration to become a singer.  In 1961, while rotting in jail for stealing tires, White heard "It's now or never". Claims it turned his life around.

It is alleged that The Entertainer was putting away 90,000 calories per day at the end. Should you find yourself sick in bed today, TCM is playing his movies all day. There are worse ways to recover.

Around the time the Entertainer fell from grace, the mantle of King of the Universe was picked up by today's other birthday boy, the 66 year old Ziggy Stardust.  The years have been good to David, god is he gorgeous.

Bowie along with much of then modern "culture" was easy to dismiss in the mid 70's.  It was only later when you paid attention to what was in your IPOD that you noticed just how much Bowie was part of the soundtrack to your life. You tend to forget how good some of his stuff really was. Most of it he wrote.

To look at him you'd doubt he's consumed 90,000 calories ever.

Happy Birthday gents and thank you



M.Lane said...

Great post! Love that bit about the Opry.


Main Line Sportsman said...

Love 'em both!

Jane Kilpatrick Schott said...

90,000 calories a day???? YIKES! Ah, and the Think White Duke...terrific Capricorns.

asim ahmed said...
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Suburban Princess said...

I wonder what one must eat to equal 90,000 calories!

I heard a Bowie song on the radio this week...took me right back to my teen years.