Thursday, January 3, 2013

Taking the Cure

We have a routine around our house.  Whenever Mrs. T is sick, she climbs into bed, neatly arranges her pillows, puts the house phone, her cell phone and the TIVO remote within easy reach, and expects to be waited on continuously until she announces she's cured.  I've never seen her take so much as an aspirin.  Naturally, since we disagree about every unimportant thing, when I'm under the weather, put me in a dark room, with a dog or two by my side, AND LEAVE ME ALONE. I'll emerge when I'm hungry and announce that I'm well.

The only drawback to our curatives is when we each become sick at the same time.  Like now for instance.
I adore my bride (in sickness and in health) and I'm happy to wait on her hand and foot, fluff her pillows, serve her meals at any time, except.   

Having spent the past 3 days under cover has allowed time to ruminate on ways an enterprising someone could make a quick one on the backs of the sick.  I offer my best one freely to the world. I hope you can use it.

 Every hotel has a block of rooms that no one would willingly stay in.  Could be they are cramped, there is a landfill view, or...  Supposed the hotelier offered these special rooms (in season, and at a substantial premium) to the sick.  Hotels offer everything a sick person wants.  Better TV channels than you have at home, 24 hour room service, along with a maid or butler for frequent reassurances of a speedy recovery, or just to fluff.



Anonymous said...

Yessiree, I'm ALL for a hotel sick rate as I'm a leavemealone as well. I want my sick rate to include no one knocking on the door, ever. Leave my fresh linens, my sleeve of Ritz crackers, my bucket of fresh ice cubes, my scrambled egg sandwich on toast, and my carton of Diet Coke outside the door.


Toad said...

The crackers add a nice touch, but I'd need the availability of room service just to know when I'm well.

Sbuckley said...

I too are of the leave me alone, with my TV remote and I will recover in my own time! The "hotel sick rooms" are a great idea! I would book a room if they would knock on the door and leave tea !

I hope you are feeling better,


Toad said...

Thank you ma'am. I expect to rejoin the human race on the morrow, just in time to drop off the farm wagon at the fender rebenders.

Suburban Princess said...

Great idea! I might fake sick and check in just for fun!

Suburban Princess said...

Feel better soon!

O P said...

Toad, I sincerely hope that you are well enough to take the Bimmer to the bender and that all is well with Mrs. T, you and the Bimmer. I am deleting this now before the Lovely Lady who is my wife and also sick sees it and checks hersef into the 4 seasons.