Saturday, January 26, 2013

Australia Day

There are hundreds of holidays around the globe that American's have never heard of, nor given any  thought to.  Today we celebrate Australia Day, which in fact is a big day for our friends down under.

Australia Day is THE national holiday of Australia.  In May 1787 a British fleet of 11 ships left England for Australia with orders to establish a penal colony in Botany Bay.  Upon arrival, Botany Bay was deemed unsuitable so the fleet sailed north to Sydney Cove arriving on January 26, 1788.  The British colony of New South Wales was formally established 7 February 1788, but arrival day became more historically significant as the founding date mark the anniversary of the first arrivals prison terms.  After completing their sentences,  and not welcome back in England, the founders stayed in Australia eventually their progeny created one of the world's greatest liberal democracies.

I toast their accomplishments.

It is customary during Australia Day celebrations to recite the Australia Citizenship Affirmation.  Unfortunately, there is nothing in the US to compare it to.

Australia Citizenship Affirmation
As an Australian citizen
I affirm my loyalty to Australia and its people
whose democratic beliefs I share
whose rights and liberties I respect
and whose laws I uphold and obey



Gail, in northern California said...

Good morning, Toad. This has nothing to do with lolly-gagging kangaroos (priceless photo, by the way).

No, this is about the picture used for your that LFG in her younger days?

Toad said...

No the photo is from an old Ralph Lauren paint catalog, but the young girl reminds me of LFG whenever I see it.