Friday, January 11, 2013

Boyz and Beer- snow edition

Resourceful kids will always find ways to have fun. As long as no one gets seriously hurt, anything can be fun.  The trouble comes when pain exceeds the fun quotient.  In our house its known as the Boys and Beer or in this case Vodka phenomena.

Undoubtedly, tomboy Scout was part inspiration for Zorb, a large transparent ball which holds one or 2 people.  Like all balls it is meant to roll, and like Scout, a Zorb passenger is simply along for the ride.  In the park its a world of fun.  Add beer and watch the fun escalate.

Zorb comes into its own on ski slopes.  Find a Zorb, enclose two drunks and push. Zorbing is so popular in Russia that it has become one of the symbols for next year's winter Olympics. There was a You Tube video (since removed) showing 2 guys in a Zorb being pushed down hill at a Russian ski resort.  All was fun and games until Zorb rolled off a cliff. A mile later...  (You may sing a verse of the children's classic "2 little monkeys jumping on a

Natch, Zorb's people distanced themselves quickly from the tragedy.  After a long speech on how things should be done the local ZORB rep had this to say “It's not even irresponsibility. It's an experiment on life,” Loginov said. “It's all or nothing. They either survive or they don't.” 

Zorb Inc says:
 "This tragedy was committed by an illegal operator who has no association with ZORB, and was not known to ZORB," the company said in a statement. "The equipment was not manufactured by ZORB. The lack of proper berms to stop globes is absolutely prohibited by ZORB. Operating in mountainous, rocky and snow conditions is very dangerous."

Mrs. T's middle kid lives in the mountains.  He has spent the day ZORB shopping, his mother is in a dither.



Suburban Princess said...

It actually looks like fun! Just not the cliff part.

Anonymous said...

I smell a Darwin Award. -- FreeKansas