Thursday, September 23, 2010

My fall favorite

I love Autumn. I love it all, save for the unending gray skies and cold rain. I love the holidays, the traditions and most especially the clothes.

Men's wear tends to lean on year round khaki chinos paired with a fairly non nondescript button up shirt and ...... In the fall the peacock, albeit a muted and ancient Scottish camouflaged peacock, gets to struts his stuff.

What I especially love about fall is the woman's clothing. I wish I had the skills and vocabulary to fully put words to meaning.

I met my first wife while we were in high school. Each August, as the fall clothing hit the stores, she and her sisters would dutifully line up at the local Villager Shop, and get what was new in every color. Every year, they would each pick out the latest variant of what is still my favorite fall womans look.

Car guys, as they age, never mature, tend to buy the cars of their youth. Certainly I have, and at the same time, the woman's fall look I fell in love with at 16 still turns my head. I admit, its a product of a particular time and place but bear with me. Some of you may remember seeing teenage photos of your mother, and may know what I mean.

The outfit is simple. A pair of high waisted, wool shorts, in the olden days tartan was popular, matching knee socks, coupled with a simple peter pan collared oxford blouse, and cardigan sweater.

The sisters regularly had tremendous rows because some wore their sweaters buttoned up the back, allegedly stretching them.

The shoes were ALWAYS Capezio flats. Every color under the rainbow. The older girls wore the same size.

Seems every year, when its time to rotate the closets, Mrs. T and I have what's become a routine. I begin with the I love fall shorts story, she rolls her eyes and tells me to get over it.

I probably never will.



Mrs. Blandings said...

A viewing of When Harry Met Sally may help; she is in exactly that ensemble for the opening. It's priceless.

Genuine Lustre said...

My mother had a pair of maroon/white wool plaid bermudas in the cedar chest --a remnant of of her college days ( graduated in 1963). There was also a matching kilt, which I borrowed in high school. Oh, I wish I could fit into those now.

Suburban Princess said...

Ohhh I have rocked this look many a's still a favourite - I was pulling out the last couple of Autumn bins from the back of my closet and came across a pair of seude shorts I remember buying in 1992 (I justified the money with a cost-per-wear chart - I think they have paid for themselves by now) that I will get back into the rotation. Thanks for reminding me of how cute this look is!

Patsy said...

I loved my wool shorts! I wore them with tights all winter long. Sadly Talbots no longer carries them, I may have to do some googling.

ADG said...

Women...I love them. Autumn...Spring...whenever.

JMW said...

Fall is my favorite time of year - that's why Hubby and I were married in October. The colors, the air - it's gorgeous. And, the best pieces in my wardrobe are fall clothes (although, I have a lot of great winter sweaters, I must say). I just wish Mother Nature would allow Fall to finally make it's true presence known. The calendar says it's fall; the 90 degree temps say otherwise.

North of 25A said...

About 20 years and 30 lbs. ago I had a great transitional fall outfit; red/black tartan shorts (belted) with a black button down the back sweater - short sleeves - pearl buttons. Loved it.