Wednesday, September 1, 2010

little buildings

Much like the garage load of exotic cars I don't wish to own, but secretly wish were stored in my garage, I have always had a special something for little cottages, out buildings, dependencies and sheds. I love to see them, I enjoy spending time in them, I collect photos of them, I just don't necessarily care to have them cluttering up my yard.

The thought of traipsing out the back door, and around the bend to my tiny cottage office fills me with dread. Nothing would ever be accomplished.

Luckily, I'm unable to conjure up the discipline and organization required of writers, artists and creators, but literature teems with the writers cottage, where the anointed work in solitude creating new worlds for we, the undeserving. To my ears, it sounds too much like someone with management issues at home, or simply an out sized ego.

However, if you are of such an inclination, have outgrown the garret, and want a cozy space, which could do as guest space consider Lowes Katrina Cottages. Fairly inexpensive, especially if you can do some of the work.

Personally, I would prefer to have something like this building, found at MacBeth's Cawdor Castle at the end of the drive. I could rent it to hermits or elves who would act as gatekeepers. A tug at the forelock as I left the manse, would be good for the soul.

This has been a long walk to get to my point. Over the next several days, in preparation for the weekend holiday, I hope to share several of my favorite spots in Mayberry. Most are not grand, one is in fact horribly disappointing, but I enjoy it anyway, one or two are treasures, hidden in plain sight.

Till then,



Shelley said...

I shall look forward to it! You really should have been born a Brit, where men practically have a constitutional right to a garden or allotment shed.

house things said...

I like your choice of little buildings. The Katrina cottages are interesting. Have you been to the Historic Sheds website? They have some nice sheds.

M.Lane said...

Great photos. I read a book once called "My Shooting Box" which was about a small hunting club cottage and I've wanted a little cottage ever since. Problem is, I might not come out of it once I got in there. Except for provisions, that is.


Martha said...

I love those little buildings tucked into gardens (we have one at Linderhof) -- and the gate houses of English Manor Houses . . . ah . . . can't wait to see your post!

But I agree with you, I would not want to go OUTSIDE to write or paint or dream . . . those sheds should be for storage and puttering and garden things!

Toad said...

I liked the Historic Sheds site, but was afraid to linger at the garden gates link. I might never leave, as those are another passion.

DAM said...

Or... you could get one of these children's playhouses and use it yourself:

JMW said...

I love little buildings like this, too! I would love to have one of these structures serve as my home office where I would write the next great American novel. A girl can dream, can't she?

J.P. said...

I love little buildings as well. I always have loved houses that had lots of out buildings for writing, drinking, storing, and all manner of activities not appropriate for the main house.

Anonymous said...

Well, I live in a tiny cottage (700 square feet) which was a large downsize but heaven sent! I named it Limberlost, after the forest of the book, Freckles.
It is tiny enough that nothing gets lost and my utility bills are the envy of my friends.