Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lola and Penelope, et al

It dawned on me Monday morning that save for Friday night date nights, and the gym I hadn't been off the reservation for over a week, and I had cabin fever. The crops are in, the pool drained, the calendar bare. All I'm waiting for is the fall leaf harvest, until then my dance card is empty. So I took, our Shih Tzu, Charley to the barber.

Charley has been cut once before at a shop that did a pretty awful job of it. She was so ashamed of her cut, she wouldn't leave her bed for a couple of days. I'm not certain I blame her, it was that bad.

So this time, coupon in hand for what a local magazine calls "the best" shop in town, Charley and I went to the big city, our county seat, where I haven't been in several years to look up, Lola and Penelope's.

L&P's slipped in since my last visit to town. By nature I'm leery of retail shops tucked in the middle of the bank and lawyer street. I don't expect the pin stripe crowd needs a steady source for dog toys in the middle of the day, but as better writers than I point out reality is so better.

The shop was darling, and probably on weekends a chick magnet.

Everything a pampered pet, or pet owner could ever want. Need matching jackets for you and your pet? These are folks to see.

So we met the barber who was sweet girl, who asked a lot of questions, and eventually brought out her Shih Tzu so we could compare and contrast haircut styles. When we were stuck she would head to her office and bring out another one to point out various styling tricks. There were 5 Shih Tzu's being groomed Monday.

Her major concern was that she rarely saw a Shih Tzu who played outside as much as Charley. She could tell detangling was going to be a big part of her day. It may have been but she did and excellent job.

My hat is off to Lola and Penelope's. Charley loved her cut.

She even got C's on her report card.

II. Today's Banned Book

Tony Bourdain's Medium Raw.

"Good authors too who once knew better words,
Now only use four letter words
Writing prose, Anything Goes."

If you like the snarly side of Tony, here it is in full blast mode. It's a medium, not especially well done.



James said...

Please tell Charley that "excellent" is highly over rated.

house things said...

The yellow painted brick on the exterior of Lola and Penelope's is quite good looking. And, I'm not usually drawn to that color.

That's funny about the report card. Charley took it okay, I hope.

David said...

Look at that face, cute AND sassy!

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Barrymore sympathizes. He just gets bathed once a week and can't stand that. Last time I tried to groom him he nipped at my hand. He's old, we're both waiting for our eyebrows to get suitably bushy.

Patsy said...

oh, I love her sweet face!