Thursday, September 9, 2010

miles of style and odds and ends

Let us be clear one one particular item. Friends, it is still summer in the northern hemisphere. Across the land, it feels like someone threw a switch, made the evenings colder, and the daily highs a little lower, but it is not yet Autumn. Enjoy these near perfect days as long as you may.

With luck, we've got a good 5-6 weeks before daytime sweaters. Until then celebrate Indian Summer.

A while back I received an email from ADG. He escaped Washington DC's sweltering summer and decided couple of days shopping in Boston was in order. He rambled about what a great time he was having at Bobby's, J. Press and The Andover Shop, included a few snaps too.

I've never been to Boston, but do have a bonus daughter there, and if I could get away, The Andover Shop is where I'd head first. ADG's text & photos from Andover.

"Spent a couple of hours at the Andover Shop today. Trad
Mecca...haunted by Miles Davis, Merkin and George Frazier."

It was mid summer, my brain on hiatus, but something about that tweed struck a nerve. I'd seen it before. Something about this tweed gets the juices flowing.

Before long it hit me. I may not get out much, but I do have a tweed jacket that would do the Andover Shop proud, hanging in my closet.

Now I know where to get the fabric to have the pants, vest,and plus 4's made.

The Southern Style issue

The Garden and Gun Southern Style issue (August-September 2010) missed a biggie. While on the road I like to visit genuine old line men's haberdasheries. Places that know their clients and come with a point of view. One of the best is in Bristol, Tennessee.

Wm King Clothiers caters to men and women with taste and style. I've only shopped there once, and picked up a really great bow tie, the one with their signature icon, The Man. I wear it a lot, although in Mayberry no one knows what it's supposed to represent.

After an extensive remodel a second location in Johnson City, Tenn opens this week. Stop in and say hello, tell Mr. King I sent ya. Just might get you a drink.

If you have seen the news this week, perhaps you have heard of the horrific fires in and around Boulder, Colorado. My buddy, Denise, of Eat Play Love has reported on it extensively.

I just received word that #2 son's fire team has been dispatched and is on his way. Pray for rain.



M.Lane said...

I'll be praying for the rain. Wm King is one great store! Bristol is also home to one of my favorite restaurants of all time, Troutdale.

I've had two really great trips to Boston but have never been shopping. Spent too much time in marvelous hotel bars, great restaurants and Irish pubs. Well, spent all my time in marvelous hotel bars, great restaurants and Irish pubs when I was not visiting Revolutionary sites. You would love it.


Mrs. Blandings said...

Praying for your son and rain.

Kathy said...

I have a son in Fort Collins and the talk is all about the smoke from Boulder. I'll be thinking of your son and praying for rain.

Anonymous said...

Your son, may he see just enough action to give him a satisfied feeling of a job well done in his chosen field. As for Mr. Minimus, he was in Boston a tad too soon as Dominique is speaking there this month on the 23rd. On her blog, she reveals her love of visiting men's stores when she travels, particularly BBros and PStu. It would be purely chivalrous of him to escort her through those aisles of Andover.

Suburban Princess said...

I will be here doing a rain dance for you!

Anonymous said...

From what I have seen the fire is large but most certainly not uncontainable. I have to agree with Flo, I believe your son will have the rare opportunity to do his job to the extent of his ability and will come out proud of himself for doing so. Even still, I'll pray for rain.

Also, I find it incredible that you happened to see a picture of the fabric that is identical to a jacket you already own, a three piece really would look smashing.

Staircase Witch said...

Heh, more like a dimmer switch.

Seriously, thinking of you and your son. I know the worry--in X's family, who are mostly near the Cascades, a couple of the boys worked summers fighting fires for the Forest Service while they were in college. The family were proud of them, but it was always a worry.

JMW said...

The rain dance has begun - your son is in my prayers. I've heard great things about Wm. King Clothiers - great men's store. Graves Cox in Lexington is a fabulous spot, too. Bought Hubby a tie there as well. If you're ever in the Bluegrass, stop by GC to pick up a tie or two. :)

SouthernProletariat said...

Will be praying for rain and safety for your son.

Gail, in northern California said...

It never ends, does it? Worrying about our kids. Your worry is particularly distressing because he chose such a hair-raising field. God Bless firemen everywhere. Guardian angels all of them, doing what we can't.
Praying for rain.

J.P. said...

I live in Boston- so just give me a hollar if you ever need anything. I would love the excuse to stop by one of the city's cloting establishments.

A couple of college buddies live out in Boulder and have had their homes destroyed. I hope your son stays out of harms way.

house things said...

When I saw the first photo, I thought it might be your closet.

Sending good thoughts for rain and your son.


Toad said...

Thank you each and every one. Denise adn I shared several emails last night, and I told her it may be selfish of me, but I at times like this I wish he washed cars for a living.

Yet, he's good at what he does, has a well trained crew and I'm proud of him and glad he can help.

James said...

Keeping your son and his crew in my prayers. And I vote for the plus fours in the fabric.

Patsy said...

I'll add my prayers for rain and the safe return of your son and his crew.

We'd love to have you visit Boston(and I do speak for all of Boston)! Mid to late October is spectacular here and all the tourists are up peeping at leaves.

LPC said...

Good luck for son#2 and hoping for rain.

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