Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What He Saw, What She Said

You've heard some pretty good stories over the years. This one is better, but before you hear it you are going to have to conjure up your own mental images. I'm not putting out. It is also imperative to know that in our pool house lives "the wayback machine", our pool house fridge.


You have seen the movie and know of the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog, the beast with a viscous streak a mile wide. Only the holy hand grenade of Antioch could dispatch it. Well, one of the rabbit's descendants lived in Mayberry, in fact here at The Park.

I went to retrieve vittles for our Christmas Eve party and happened upon the carcass of the Killer Rabbit's descendant, who ceremoniously had leapt, from a standing stop, to the top of the way back machine, believing with all his heart it was in fact, a ceremonial altar, upon which, saluting the Judean People's Front, he committed ritual suicide. That's my story. It's the only viable explanation, which fits all the variables, for finding a previously live rabbit, in a closed room, 6 feet off the ground. Unless of course it's Harvey, which this is not.


Foolishly, I mentioned my finding, and got an earful of this. "Something snatched that rabbit, so if you so much as let that puppy out unescorted, you'll be next on the top of the way back machine." Loving, no?

I'm certain one of her flying monkeys grabbed the bunny, but can't prove it.


The header photo is of a neighbor's house. I hope to buy it after my third lottery win.


David said...

As much as I like your version I'm firmly with Mrs. T here, not because I think you have a bird of prey in the pool house, but out of an abundance of caution.

Charlie's still tiny and needs company. You're good, you and Ted are better. Plus he'll mimic Ted and housebreaking will happen faster.

Toad said...

Well said. We found a wolf in the yard today, so no one is out for a while anyway.

house things said...

A wolf? Yikes, be careful.

James said...

Does your wife have the crystal ball thingy, mine does. Makes it damn near impossible to hide her Christmas present.

M.Lane said...

Great post. She would have known even if you didn't tell her. Mine has a full dose of the redheaded Irish mindreader. Must be a Celtic thing.

I looked out my back window one night after hearing the most horrible noise and saw a coyote loping down the drive with out tomcat in his jaws. Bad day for the tomcat [who survived] worse day for the coyote, who was immediately presented with three adults carrying various weapons.

When we got our little Papillion dog he was so little we were afraid of a hawk grabbing him and thinking he was a rabbit. Now he is so fat that isn't possible. Say, does the room with the rabbit have a roof? If not, he could be a [rare] fumble by a hawk.

Happy New Year!


Toad said...

Mercifully, the pool house is roofed. What is frightening is the Owl's nest outside our back door. To let the dogs out while the owls are hooting is disturbing.

Patsy said...

Just think how disappointed whatever (whoever?) hid their dead rabbit on your way back machine was, to find it gone!

sanjeet said...

Well said. We found a wolf in the yard today, so no one is out for a while anyway.

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