Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I blame no one but myself, but I was unaware until this week that Jeanne-Claude Christo had died on November 18.

For the longest time the philistine side of my brain rebelled against Christo's environmental installations. Wrapping Miami Beach in fabric. Give me a break. It took "The Gates" in New York's Central Park so soon after 9/11 to show me the light. I found it incredibly uplifting.

Jeanne-Claude was born the same day, as her husband, only minutes apart

For 51 years she was Christo's muse, manager and spokesperson. It was said they spoke with one voice, hers. They did everything but 3 things together. Jeanne-Claude explains,"They do not fly together, I do not draw, and I have deprived him of the joy of working with our accountant."

They married in 1960, and emigrated to New York in 1964.

Together they completed 19 installations. It was JC who led the good fights to get the necessary permits and approvals to continue their work.

Her complete Guardian obituary can be found here: Guardian obit



Martha said...

I remember when the sidewalks of Loose Park were wrapped in fabric by Christo -- controversial and so unusual! Sorry to hear of her demise.

Toad said...

Martha, if I ever knew that they did Loose Park, I repressed it long ago. Thanks for the something new to look up.

David said...

Toad I can't believe you didn't know that! There used to be a drawing and piece of the fabric framed at the Nelson.

LPC said...

I didn't know he did either. Terrible. Also terrible is that I had a chance to buy one of the large paintings of the running fences for about $1500 in 1978 and I was too scared. Youth.

Jeremiah said...

Loose Park. I'll never forget it.

Toad said...

I make 2 pathetic excuses for not knowing this.

1. I was a busy young working dad of 1 with another on the way, not living in KC.

2. My philistine side was engaged

prashant said...

controversial and so unusual! Sorry to hear of her demise.

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kanishk said...

Thanks for the something new to look up.

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