Thursday, December 17, 2009

Nupts- an irregular series

I admit I have recently given up reading the Sunday NYT Vows section. I became bored to tears of Dr. Superman meets Wonder Woman, Multiple PhD's at the day care center were they volunteer blah blah blah.

Seems like the Times became sick of it too, since at least this week they featured couples you may actually want to know in real life.

Take for instance:

Susan and Justin-They were married Saturday in Cincinnati. Regular folks with regular jobs. They met while living in the same apartment building. Justin bought two pumpkin pies and several canned goods for a church food drive. Once there he found they would not accept the pies so keeping one, he searched his building for someone to take the other. Seeing a door with Thanksgiving decorations he knocked and offered his pie. That's how he met Susan.

The following day she left a thank you note, and the following week as she was holiday decorating he asked her to linner. They have been together since.

Kaaryn and Demond- Kaaryn is a program director for several non profits. Until last March Demond was a project manager for an architectural consulting firm, He is now pursuing his bachelors degree.

Lindsay and Daniel-She teaches first grade, he's a personal trainer.

Aliza and Ariel-The couple met through mutual friends, but her never got up the gumption to ask her out. Finally, he manned up and asked her out, forgetting that was Holocaust Remembrance Day, a day he spends time at Synagogue, to read the names of family members lost.

To ask her to come would put her in an awkward position, so they met for drinks, and then he asked her to join him. She went.

In June 2009, he decided to propose during their first camping trip. He excused himself and went to get something out of the trunk of his car. He returned to the campfire wearing a suit, and carrying a rose and a ring.

She said yes, they celebrated with s'mores.

Thank you NYT for coming back to reality.



Suburban Princess said...

I love the pumpkin pie story! Love waits in the most unexpected places :O)

Kathy said...

The Washington Post has started a nuptuals section recently, and I've had the same thought about some of the superstars they feature. I like your distillation!

Patsy said...

Susan and Justin are my favorites.

Pretty much the only way I'd go camping is to get a diamond ring........

Toad said...

Patry in our home camping is generally a euphanism for any sleep to stay place. It is just about equally looked forward to as a night in a sleeping bag.

Mrs. Blandings said...

I adore this series so hope the Times keeps up the good work. The pie story is so charming. Truly makes me regret that Mr. B and I met in a bar.

M.Lane said...

Perfectly said! My wife rails about the NYT nupts all the time for the same reason and I agree. Perhaps all the "genetic and social superiors" are out mating like crazy and they don't have any more to write about...

Hurrah for the regular folks getting into a swanky nupts section!

[Mrs. Blandings, I think meeting in a bar is perfectly fine. But then I would. The Irish Redhead and I met in a lawsuit...]


Legallyblondemel said...

I so prefer your take to the NYT's on things 'nupts. I've also tired of the interminable Harvard / Oxbridge / Yale snootery of which they've become so enamored.

Surely there's a Meg Ryan (pre-plastic surgery) & Tom Hanks movie somewhere in that wonderful pumpkin pie and thank you note story. Puts me in a happier way just thinking of it.