Tuesday, December 22, 2009


It didn't snow in Mayberry last weekend. I'm not ungrateful. It did finally turn cold though and for that I may be thankful.

Finally, it's chilly enough to drag out the moleskins, the perfect pants for cold weather.

To the uninitiated, moleskin is the soft fluffy fur surrounding little rodents. It makes terrific pants since its .... No, no, no, what? Oh.

Moleskin is a brushed cotton fabric, similar to an extremely heavily woven flannel, which is luxuriously soft, durable, nearly wind resistant, and looks great. It's the perfect winter antidote for those sick of looking at men in khaki's. It's nearly impervious to wrinkles which makes it near nirvana for those of us with a more casual air. The downside is it won't hold a crease.

While shod in suede, moleskin is a terrific complement. The suede chukka boot mirrors the brushed fabric finish. Save for white or black, most of the suede boot tones work perfectly.

Adding to the cool factor, most moleskin mills are in Britain. The pants generally come in fall shades ranging from gray through the greens and browns. I've never come across a bad color.

Their durability and wind resistance make them comfortable hunting pants. Mixed with a Barbour and pair of wellies you can hunt or be in the field all day.

Later, change your shoes, add an old tweed or tartan jacket with perhaps a Fair Island sweater and you're ready for cocktails.

Heaven in a closet.



Martha said...

Glad you were finally able to break out your moleskins!

Anonymous said...

Your tweeds-n-tartans are covetable, Toad.

Love moleskins for us girls, as well.
Mine get worn to the ground all moleskin season - and come back, good as new every year......
Agreed....they go from Field & stream to drinks...and from fireside to sunday best by tossing on a white shirt & pearls.

Pure contentment.
Cheers, WI fan

Toad said...

There is something inherently sexy about a woman in moleskins. I highly recommend them.

James said...

Once again an excellent post. Thank you for helping uphold Western Civilization. Your leather chair is wonderful.I wish you a happy Moleskin Season.

Suburban Princess said...

Oooo I love some moleskins! On myself and hubby!

I love your tartan jacket! I think I need to get one for my husband!

M.Lane said...

Great post. I love moleskins too. I just have a really narrow window of opportunity to wear them. Like a week.


ADG said...

Moleskins are the best and I'm right there with you on the tweed-suede complement.

LPC said...

These would make a great present for my father. Can they be worn with sheepskin slippers? And just how cold does it have to get before they are comfortable? We have a small window in Northern California too.

Toad said...

Orvis and others sell moles in several weights.

The lightweight works well through fall. The heavy weight is cold weather wear.

Sheepskin slippers go with everything.

The Duck said...

I have a pair but I have never had them hemmed. Shame, they are a bright nice UVA orange.

Anonymous said...

You always have the best checks. Your jackets look superb.