Monday, October 14, 2013

Mi Cava

Real Estate professionals will take issue but it is my contention that new home purchase decisions are within seconds of walking in the front door. Verily it is true.

Mrs T and I, after moving to an apartment spent upwards of 2 days searching for our next home. We knew the area we wanted to live in, our budget, and what we were or were not willing to compromise on. Each trip out turned up craps until my bride phoned one afternoon and told me to meet her at our new address. It was located a mile from our apartment and several hundred yards north of our old house, on a street I loved yet rarely travelled. I knew walking in the front door I was home.

Instantly we placed an offer, which was accepted several days and several counters later. We closed 2 weeks later. While waiting to take possession one or the other of us would ask semi serious questions about our new digs. Where were the closets, what color were the appliances, etc. Generally, I am more observant than Mrs. T, but here I my powers failed me. I was transfixed on only one room. To this day I am uncertain whether I ever visited the entire condo before closing. I only had eyes for a small storage room located off the laundry/ utility room. I claimed it before owning it. Mi Cava.

Six feet wide and fifteen feet long, with a skylight directly over head. With thought the architect couldn't have created better space.

Storage is at a premium so I must share the cave with several cabinets which only adds to its coziness. Now if I could only find the rest of my toys.

It's good to be back, thank you for waiting.



old polo said...

REALLY good to hear from you again. Congratulations on the new digs. I like your space.

Linda McMullan said...

Your new Cava looks cozy - from the looks of it, you will be able to reach most everything without getting up. A true bonus. And, I spotted those slippers on the shelf - so happy you are back; you were naughty to leave us wondering if you were all right!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home. May sunlight always shine on you and the Mrs.
in your new home. I'm looking forward to your posts.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back and very best wishes to you and Mrs T.

LPC said...

Does my heart good to see you situated.

Shelley said...

Having watched Bill, I've learned that claiming the smallest room in the house is good practice. Because it is very small, it can't be a guess bedroom so you don't have to share. You get to look as though you're being modest, choosing the smallest room, but in fact it is the best way to have some private space. If we ever move house, I'm going to remember that trick... Good to have you back!

Patsy said...

Welcome back! I've missed you.

Teresa Chalsma said...

Your new home looks great. I like the idea that your storage room has a skylight. It enhanced the atmosphere in the room, creating a cozy and light ambiance. And even if it’s just a small space, it doesn’t look restrained.

Teresa Chalsma @ The Roofing and Remodeling Company