Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween fun revisited

Wait for it, it's worth it I promise.

Something in my Celtic DNA makes me love Halloween. I wait all year for this. It's my super bowl, my world series, my St. Patricks Day, my best day of all. For me, Halloween begins the week proceeding All Hallows Eve and runs until the Monday after Thanksgiving. It includes Halloween prep, The Day of the Dead, Katy Day, all the exciting Thanksgiving preparations, the big day and let down afterwards. The rest of the year is simply filler.

Not that I particularly do anything special, but I do have my routines. I reread Washington Irving's stories, especially Rip Van Winkle and Ichabod Crane. Build a scarecrow, watch The Great Pumpkin and Sleepy Hollow each for the hundredth time, chop firewood, and prepare for my annual argument with Mrs. T about how much trick or treat candy to have on hand.

This is our only major argument. 5+ lbs each of Snickers, Butterfingers and Baby Ruth's seem appropriate to me. Mrs. T sees the world through very dark glasses, believes we don't need any. This is from a woman who lives for Christmas. Just because we have never had a trick or treater, nor are we ever likely to, she feels we can do without. Bunkum.

There is something fundamentally right about both hard and sweet apple cider, candy apples, harvest festivals, jack-o-lanterns, fall leaves, bonfires, dove hunts, moleskins and all fall activities. So what if it rains tonight!

Whatever your plans, have fun.



Gail, in northern California said...

Toad!!!! So good to have you back!

We've lived in this same house and unique subdivision in a northern California forest since 1972. In all those 41 years, we have never had a trick or treater and yet every year my husband David would insist that we needed Snickers, Baby Ruths or Butterfingers "just in case one of those little tykers should stop by." ;-)

Anonymous said...

You are just the dearest man.


Toad said...

Gail, thank you. Sadly, I am not in charge of Halloween candy provisioning in our house, so once again the cupboard in near bare

Patsy said...

Coming from the land of Rip Van Winkle and Ichabod Crane, I'm a big Halloween fan as well.