Monday, October 28, 2013

Lou Reed

I suspect that Lou tired, years ago, of hearing The Velvet Underground and  Nico in the same breath every time his name was mentioned. It's been almost 50 years, a lot of water under the bridge since then.

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The Velvet Underground's first album gave the impression, much like the Monkeys a few years earlier, that the band members had recently been introduced to music and musical instruments, except for Nico who presaged Yoko, and Lou Reed, who along with John Cale were the Underground, and they were unlike anyone else. The band was an acquired taste, but for those coming of age with the advent of FM radio, and tired of 3 minute bubble gum music, the Underground's blatant themes of sex, love and rock and roll were a tonic.  The Velvet's first album was released a week before my 15th birthday, and I was one of the few who after buying it, didn't immediately start a band. I suspect number one son has the record now.

Everyone back then knew a kid like Lou. Mad, bad and dangerous to know, unconsciously dripping with style, influenced everyone around them. Somehow they were a chick/dude magnet, an artist, an artiste, poet, someone who made his guitar sing, even when his life didn't. Those creative kids showed us a different way, they were our beacon of hope for a brighter future, if we dared. Eventually, the kids grew up, led messy lives yet changed our world. Certainly, Lou did.

Thank you Lou, for everything.



LPC said...

Ain't it the truth.

Jane Kilpatrick Schott said...

Great Post...I am at Apple right now getting "Sweet Jane" downloaded as my ring tone...miss him already.

Toad said...

I was surprisingly broken up when I heard the news of Lou's passing. An afternoon and evening of listening to Heroin and Sweet Jane haven't done wonders either

Anonymous said...

I listened to the Blue Mask on the way to work and arrived quite down. Switched to Coney Island Baby at lunch and the day has improved. I will really miss Lou.