Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Happy Couple

Some of us, perhaps too many, have that one kid you fear will never straighten up and fly right.  They are a lifetime of toil and trouble, but fortunately, especially if the pain in your side is a son, it likely works out in the end.

My youngest, the one time forest fire fighter, and Portland, Oregon denizen telephoned last evening to tell us he and his beloved have become engaged and are actively planning their wedding.  I am over the moon with happiness.    
Mrs. T and the happy couple

I always prayed the right woman, willing to take on a project, would come along, and that he would have the wisdom not to resist.  My prayers have been answered a thousandfold.  Best of all, some of you may recall my buddy Finn,?  He is about to become my bonus grandson, how cool is that?

Let us give thanks



YONKS said...

Big, big congrats to all!

Anonymous said...

I'm SO excited!! :) - KT

Anonymous said...

KT's excitement is getting ME excited!

Happiness + best wishes to everyone all the way around.


northsidefour said...

Wonderful news for all of you. You sound like my father Toad, he was so worried that I would let the right ship sail right past.