Monday, June 10, 2013


In New Orleans you can count on 2 things. You will see a famous face in a crowd and know the locals aren't going to press. Of course it's expected that kings, queens and notables would be there, they get hungry too.

My favored people watching site is the venerable Preservation Hall, which celebrates its 52nd anniversary today. Preservation Hall hasn't changed much in the 40 plus years since my first visit to the French Quarter. The Hall is still a fire trap and still doesn't serve alcohol, but now the musicians are younger than I, and not always local. The music is, as always, top notch.

As with most New Orleans traditions, the past few years have been difficult for Preservation Hall. The touring Preservation Hall Jazz Band has been the savior, not only for the hall, but for the musicians as well. It's one of the best paying musical gigs going. Should they appear in your town adjust your busy calendar, take the kids and make it a must see.


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Anonymous said...

You have gone missing, Sir, we miss your presence, wit and wisdom. Happy Fathers Day to you, hoping all is well at Toad Hall.