Tuesday, June 25, 2013

custer's last stand June 25,1876

In some respects, especially since the US is a comparatively young nation, 137 years is ancient history,to a midwesterner the Indian wars were a million years ago. To a westerner, the memories may be recent, while an easterner might ask, What Indians?

Growing up in St. Louis, the mythology taught to innocent children in the '50s and '60s surrounding the battles was completely wrong, the Cardinals were not playing the Cubs that day. The battle was fought on a Sunday, and the professional baseball leagues then observed the Christian sabbath.  

The St. Louis Brown Stockings (later the Perfectos then the Cardinals) didn't play on June 25, 1876. They played the Philadelphia Athletics on June 24 (won 8-3) and the New York Mutuals on June 27 (won 7-1). 



Brohammas said...

Now Custer, there is a character.
Took a demotion rather than take command of a troop of buffalo soldiers.
The real tragedy here is that Philadelphia lost 8-3.

Old Polo said...

Hmmm...slow day for sports no doubt. Polo was just being introduced on Long Island, the U of Wyo still didn't have a football team, grandad LDA was still seven years from birth and it is rumored that Custer uttered the first "WTF"! My grandparents were still a long way from building ranches in the neighborhood.

Jennings and Gates said...

You know, he had a lot going for him, right up to the famous last decision. The ego will always bring down the house.

Suburban Princess said...

Stopping by to say hellooooo! It's been ages since I had time to blog or visit them - hope all is well down south!

Anonymous said...

Also stopping by to say hellooooo!