Saturday, June 1, 2013

Gmail goodie

Sporting my NOLA sun bonnet.

Do you use GMAIL?  If so there is a new feature that you may have missed.  Click the settings icon (the gear on the upper right).  Half way down it says "configure in box".  If you click that, gmail will automatically sort your inbox into Primary (for your serious email) Social (for Facebook/tumblr.etc mail) and (for ads).  Sort the wheat from the chaff.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"gmail will automatically sort your inbox"


How would they be able to sort my inbox unless they read the mail in my inbox. Not that they don't do it anyway, but why give them official permission to comb through and sort. Are they going to delete stuff generated by their competitors before putting it into my box?

Google/gmail is very scary to me, so I dropped them for casual mail and went over to yahoo. Google already knows too much about me than to give them even more latitude to read and sort my mail.

I love your new hat!