Saturday, October 6, 2012

This is the view out my office window most afternoons. I've become rather fond of my new pet raccoon, although the lion dogs don't much cotton to him. Watching him reminded me of a Jerry Clower story. Jerry, for those unfamiliar with him, was an old time country comedian who specialized in telling tales of the south. As a kid I couldn't stand to hear him. Now, I understand better.

You may enjoy his coon hunting story.



ddu said...

My Uncle Bruce, an inveterate sportsman, used to tell this story and laugh so hard he actually cried. I had never heard the original until now. Best wishes.

Toad said...

glad to be of service

ADG said...

The coon huntin' story is a Clower Classic. So is..."What's "time"? ... to a Hog"

And I know that you like to change the photo in your header from time to time but I think the Golden Ohm Toad needs to stay. For a long time.

Toad said...

And so it shall be