Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Moleskins, not always

The J. Peterman Company in their effort to compose a telling story for each of their goods writes "Moleskin trousers are what you might see on a man driving a 27 year old tractor, purring along over the velvety-green groundswells of England, lost in thought, totally unaware that soft rain has been falling on his head for a good 40 minutes."

During this past week I have found myself wearing my favorite loden moleskins, driving a 10 year old iron horse over a leafy brown forest floor in Mayberry, happily lost in thought yet fully aware of the soft rain falling on my head, and I have this to say:

Moleskins are horrible things to wear while conducting business on tractor seats.  The soft fabric is too slick for backsides on tractor seats and does not lend itself to safety as you change direction or incline.  I had the toughest workout of my week just hanging on.

When the weather gets tough wear moleskins, just not while tractoring.



brandon sargent said...

I grew up a stone's throw from Futtner's, so imagine my surprise reading this post! Many of my friends worked in the fields over summer vacation.


Old Polo said...

Glad you didm't slide off. Would welcome the rain.

Benridi said...

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