Tuesday, October 2, 2012

More Madness

To continue my journey through Anthony Powell's "Dance" required a bit of  shopping.  My local independent bookstore did not have what I was looking for so I turned to the ether mall.  Finding a copy in Georgia, at a price I was willing to pay which included free shipping ,I snatched it up.  Several days later I received an email saying my book had shipped along with a  tracking number, with that I could watch it being lost.

Things are done differently in Georgia than in Mayberry.  I've no idea what percentage of my chosen book store goods are shipped, and since I didn't directly pay for shipping I hardly care, but here is how the shipping went down.

Bookstore shipped via DHL a most excellent and expeditious international package delivery company.  DHL took it to the US post office.  The US Postal Service delivered the book to me.

Semi-capitalist that I am, I am all in favor of everyone making a living, in any way they can, but surely DHL was paid more than the cost of a stamp.  For what?  The PO picks up for free.


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Toad unreal!!!

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